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GridQube was established in 2019 to commercialise the Distribution System State Estimation (DSSE) system developed by the Solar Enablement Initiative (SEI). (ARENA project “Increasing Visibility of Distribution Networks”,

It is a software only company that continues to develop the capabilities of better network management through network analysis, including power system state estimation, constraint analysis and other automated network performance assessments. 

The core team is made up of power engineering academics and software developers with experience in network optimisation. 

The development approach has been to utilise a number of statistical approaches to develop load flow and state estimation outcomes. GridQube utilises whatever data sets are available from the utility to perform state estimation and develop network constraints made available to 3rd party systems such as DERMS or Market Systems for action. 

The focus is to build analytical capability so that better near real time decisions can be made on the operation of the network.

What’s The Solution?

The solution is made up of 3 parts:

  • Capacity Constrained Optimisation (CCO) engine – these are the rules associated with DOE
  • Constraint Analysis (CA) engine – this manages the physical and operational constraints of the network
  • Distribution System State Estimation Engine (DSSE) – this determines the underlying network output (performance) and can utilise a wide variety of “incomplete” data from the network to do its analysis

GridQube DSSE is currently in large-scale deployment at two Australian DNSPs and has been successfully tested at two more. 

GridQube does not operate under a platform model, but provides customers with the software and support needed to operate their own instances, on private hardware of in cloud environments. GridQube has designed its software for unsupervised operation, automatically interacting with other third-party IT systems.