Meet the Team

Olav Krause – Founder, CTO, Director

One of those quiet achievers who continually strives for the best outcome. An active researcher in power systems, energy markets and innovative robust methods in network state estimation and continues research in improving the power quality of distribution networks.

Andre Gebers – Chief Software Architect

Andre is curious about anything IT with an extensive background in software engineering. At GridQube he is thrilled to contribute to game-changing products for the energy industry.

Friska (Dendi) Pambudi – Software Developer

A highly motivated software engineer with substantial experience in producing quality, innovative and value driven IT solutions. Dendi is very excited in bridging GridQube’s groundbreaking transformation for the energy industry.

Jamie Leach – Chair

Incredibly passionate about the transformative potential of data and access to quality data at all levels, enabling more transparent thought processes and better decision making through data-driven decisions. Jamie strives to raise not only the Quality of data but to enable a higher capability of skills and literacy in all areas of data.

Andrew Deme – CEO

Andrew focuses on developing strategic partnerships and has been integral to the development and implementation of step changes in Information Technology, Banking, eCommerce, Telecommunications and Energy.