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GridQube CORE

GridQube CORE is at the heart of GridQube’s Distribution System State Estimation (DSSE) system. It consists of the multiple distributed components that are prepared for automatic deployment. The main components of CORE are:
– Backend
– Dashboard
– ComputeNode

Principal structure of GridQube CORE/GridQube CLOUD

In GridQube CORE communication between all components, except for backend to DBMS , is realised via WebAPI calls. This allows for a quick an seamless integration into larger IT environments and calling on GridQube CORE functionality where required to fulfil other processes.

Further, GridQube CORE has been developed with scalability in mind. All components are containerised and prepared for automatic deployment (e.g. in cloud environments).

This allows to adjust the maximum performance of GridQube CORE by statically allocating additional resources to it, or in case of GridQube CLOUD, providing the access automatically request additional resources and trigger deployment.

Example of Dashboard – visualising LV customer connection point voltage history

In addition to directly interact with other IT systems, GridQube CORE and GridQube CLOUD come with Dashboard as the standard user interface. Dashboard offers access and control over the most crucial processes and functions and can be used to control, monitor and operate and entire deployment.

GridQube CORE systems are modular and structured to fit into larger, more complex IT environments. They are designed as self-contained stand-alone systems that do not have external dependencies, but offer a host of pre-developed standard functions and a platform for the rapid and efficient development of customised function targeting the specific needs of individual customers (see Post Estimation Applications).